Bulk Ectoine 98% Powder

We manufacture and supply Bulk Ectoine (Ectoin) Powder

Quality standards: EP10 and USPUSP-NF2021.

Application: Skin Care Products, Pharmaceuticals.

Production Capacity: 800 kg per week

Current Market:  Exported to 17 Countries

Transportation time: Within 1 week from China to Europe or America by Air.

Product NameEctoine
Product CodeLY-EC98
CAS Number96702-03-3
Extraction Solvents Water, Ethanol
Appearance White Powder Visual
Particle SizePass through 80 mesh USP-NF2021
Ectoine≥98.0% HPLC
Water ≤2.0% USP-NF2021
Residue on Ignition ≤ 0.5% USP-NF2021
Pesticide Residues USP-NF2021 GC-MS
Solvents Residue USP-NF2021 GC
Heavy Metals ≤ 10 ppm USP-NF2021
Lead (Pb) ≤ 2.0 ppmICP-MS
Arsenic (As) ≤ 1.0 ppmICP-MS
Mercury (Hg) ≤ 0.1 ppmICP-MS
Cadmium (Cd) ≤ 1.0 ppmICP-MS
Total Plate Count <1000 cfu/g USP-NF2021
Yeast & Mold <100 cfu/g USP-NF2021
E.coli Negative USP-NF2021
Salmonella Negative USP-NF2021
StoragePreserve in well closed container, protected from light
Packaging25 kg/drum

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